Faith to Lead - Lead to Faith

I commend the vision for the 2016 NCEC Conference and have great pleasure in encouraging Catholic education leaders and contributors from throughout Australia to attend.

The theme, Faith to Lead - Lead to Faith, will give speakers and participants the opportunity to explore the central conviction of Catholic education: that a full and integral education of the young is only possible in so far as the loving God revealed to us in Jesus permeates all aspects of the educational endeavour.  Leaders must necessarily keep the mystery of God at the heart of their motivation and practical ventures in order to achieve the educational excellence for which they strive.

Through expert presentations and workshops, prayer and liturgy, sharing and networking, the conference will focus our attention on our common purpose within the opportunities, needs and challenges offered by our times. 

It will be an opportunity to share and celebrate heroic achievements.  It will also extend our boundaries to envision with hope the new ways in which Catholic education can lead in forming young people to live a fully human life and to contribute to the common good we share as Australians.

Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB DD
Archbishop of Perth
Chair, Bishops Commission for Catholic Education

The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) and Catholic Education Western Australia is pleased to be co-hosting the NCEC 2016 Conference Faith to Lead - Lead to Faith 19 – 22 June 2016 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

The NCEC Conference provides a forum for those working in Catholic education including the Bishops Conference in Catholic education, Directors and leadership teams from the various diocese offices, primary and secondary school principals and other school leaders to come together to discuss issues relevant to Catholic education. Last held in Adelaide in 2011, the conference attracted more than 950 attendees from Catholic education across Australia. As one of the larger diocese in Australia, Catholic Education Western Australia is hoping to attract record attendance for the NCEC 2016.

The Conference theme Faith to Lead – Lead to Faith will seek to provide an opportunity for Catholic education leaders to explore, discern and be inspired by the richness and responsibility of Catholic leadership within a contemporary Australia.

Further enhancing our overall theme are the four subthemes of LEAD: Learning, Engagement, Accountability and Discipleship.

On behalf of the NCEC and Catholic Education Western Australia we look forward to welcoming you to this important event.

Dr Tim Mc Donald

Executive Director 
Catholic Education WA


Mr Ross Fox

Executive Director
National Catholic Education Commission


To the Noongar traditional owners and custodians, Western Australia’s Swan River, the Derbal Yerrigan has remained at the heart of their culture and heritage for more than 40,000 years. Aboriginal people cared for the land and its waters as an integral part of their spirit and culture prior to the arrival of Europeans. They would have seen periods of climate change and sea level rises. They lived in harmony with their land and waters, firing the bush, crossing the River, camping along the River banks, getting water from springs, hunting and fishing.

Mythologically the River was created by the Waugals (giant serpents), who carved waterways and valleys as they made their way to the mouth of the river at Fremantle. Noongar people have a responsibility to protect and care for the land and its waters as an integral part of their spirit and culture.
Noel Nannup writes about Boorloo, the Nyungar name for Perth and the Derbal Yerrigan (the Swan River):

"Boorloo had a series of lakes and big mobs of kwulla, the mullet, would come up from the sea around March to lay their eggs in the shallows where they wouldn’t be disturbed. Also the Swan River, we call it the Derbal Yerrigan. Now the word derbal, to my knowledge, means mixing; because it is where you have the sweet water and the salt water coming together, especially near the islands at Burswood. That is where you have got your tidal movement. Water flows under there too…" [2]
The traditional owners of the land were deeply connected with the River. The Aboriginal people themselves came from the creation beings that created life and imparted knowledge and law.

Taken from